Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spark Student Motivation: Brag Tags & A Game Show

In my classroom, I use Brag Tags to spark student motivation. My students LOVE them! I have purchased these Brag Tags from, but I've seen posts by creative (and patient) teachers who have made their own. I have Brag Tags for everything from academic recognition to reading to Spirit Days to attendance to birthdays! The best part is, my students NEVER know when they are coming. They have no idea what I have in my collection, so they are always trying their hardest to behave appropriately, be respectful of others, and helpful to their peers. I LOVE IT!! Imagestuff has so many designs to choose from - some of mine are stock pieces and others I've completely customized! You can read my original post about Brag Tags & my Student of the Week recognition HERE, or my post about Brag Tags and Clip Chart management HERE.

Something else I use along with my Brag Tags to spark student motivation in my classroom is my Game Show Style Behavior Incentive MYSTERY DOORS!
I created this with SMART Notebook software to pull up on my SMART Board at the end of the day. My kiddos have to earn it, though! Each morning, I inform them that I have secretly selected the name of that day's Mystery Hero. (More details contained in download! I can't give away all of the secrets here!) While all students are, as always, accountable for their behavior choices, the Mystery Hero has a special role: they are the one student I am watching throughout the day to be sure they are on-task, contributing in a positive way, working hard, etc. In my classroom, if the Mystery Hero does a great job that day, we make a big deal about revealing the class prize behind a mystery door at the end of the day.
There are all sorts of fun things from Gum Day and Stinky Feet Day, to Watch a Movie During Lunch or Sit Next To a Friend Day! The class receives the reward that is revealed behind the mystery door on the next school day! You can get a copy for yourself from Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook!

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  1. WOW I love your smartboard activity!! I'm pinning it so I remember the idea for next year!

    Love the brag tags too.

    1. Thank you! The nice thing is, you can change up the prizes behind the mystery doors when they get stale! It can be fun and fresh all year! :)



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